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October 13, 2016
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November 2, 2016

Hunting Black Wildebeest in Namibia

This member of the antelope family is an ox-like animal with unusual horns, a beard, and hair on his nose.

At Ekuja Hunting Safaris we offer you the opportunity for hunting Black Wildebeest in the heart of Namibia. All year round we offer hunting trips for Black Wildebeest trophies. The Black Wildebeest or the White tailed Gnu as he is sometimes referred to is indigenous to South Africa. They are not as common as their cousin the Blue Wildebeest but can be found in the same habitat as the Blesbuck, Eland and Springbok.

This member of the antelope family have ox-like attributes with unusual horns, a beard and hair on his nose. Being dark brown in color with a pure white horse like tail, he is often referred to as the White Tailed Gnu.

When first laying eyes on this beast, hunting Black Wildebeest can seem like an easy task due to the fact that he can easily be located on the open plains. The problem however is not locating him but closing the distance on him. These antelope have blistering fast speed and can reach up to 80km and hour.

The Black Wildebeest also possesses superior senses and herd instincts that make hunting him very challenging indeed. Another factor that makes this animal challenging to hunt is its environment. The wide open grassland plains where they are found offer no cover for the hunter stalking on foot. That being said it is not impossible to hunt these animals on foot and is still one of the most popular methods.

Lots of caution is needed when hunting black wildebeest, as they can be very aggressive when mating, disturbed, or wounded. He commonly known as the “Clown Of The Plains” because he can often be spotted trotting in circles and chasing other members in the herd.

Hunting Black Wildebeest on the open plains will require a large caliber of at least .270 minimum. Larger calibers like one of the .300 magnums will be an even better choice.

Like most of the large African antelopes these guys are tough as nails. Make sure to place your shot one third up into the body and never more than half way up. When placed correctly this will take out his heart and lungs.