Extend your unforgettable outdoor pursuits in Namibia with a deep-sea or tiger fishing adventure.

Many of our hunting clients are also avid fishermen who wish to test their skills in Namibian waters. Namibia has some of the best angling in the world, and we offer fishing trips that can be booked as add-ons after the completion of your hunting safari.

Most of the fishing trips here run from the central coast (Swakopmund or Walvis Bay) but if you are interested in other regions (e.g., tigerfish on the Zambezi) then contact us – and we can help you out.

Most of our clients target the edible fish on our fishing trips. The so-called kabeljou run traditionally starts in the north sometime in February and ends in the Sandwich Harbour breeding area in late April or early May. The popular belief is that only a month later – from the end of May until July – the fat galjoen is out there.

A strong industry has developed around rock-and-surf angling, including boating trips to areas where hunting fish such as snoek can be found offshore. Proof of the confidence in the industry lies in stocking up with the latest in angling gear by investment shopkeepers and utility stores along the coast.