Hunting Darma Dik Dik in Namibia


Are you planning to go on a hunting trip to hunt the Darma dik dik? The Darma dik dik is one of many small antelopes in Africa that can be found in the bush of Namibia. Namibia is currently the only country in Africa where you can hunt this small antelope. In all of Africa there about 10 small antelopes which are hunted for trophies of which the Darma dik dik is just one.

When hunting the Darma dik dik antelope, you will quickly notice the size of the females with relation to the males. The females are significantly larger than the males and this makes picking your trophy very easy. The males are also the only ones who carry horn that lean slightly backwards.

The Darma dik dik is a very alert animal and aware of predators in its surroundings. The way to hunt the Darma dik dik is by following the old trusted walking and stalking technique. You will have the best chance of coming across this antelope early in the morning or late in the afternoon. It can be very hard to spot a Darma dik dik in its natural environment unless they suddenly move.

Darma dik diks do very well in the dry Namibian terrain where they live amidst bushes which give them plenty of cover. Sources of water such as puddles and water holes are often scarce and they will drink there when they can. They prefer to move in pairs so if you spot one you can be sure there is another nearby.