Hunting Giraffe in Namibia

The Giraffe is a large even-toed mammal and the tallest land animal on earth. This tall creature can grow up to 18 feet tall. Both the male and the female have horns, and their horns are covered with skin. The horns of the male is bald on the top while the female’s horns are tufted and thin. They prefer to graze in a variety of plant habitats such as dry woodlands and dense low schrubveld. Where ever they go there are always thorn trees present which they like to feed on throughout the year. The Giraffe wonders where ever he chooses and isn’t dependant on water at all. Being a tall animal they feed on braches which are out of reach for most animals except the Elephant. Although Giraffes are docile by nature, they will defend themselves if they feel threatened. Except for man and Lion they have no other real predators and because they are so huge, even the Lion will risk death if he chooses to attack. When hunting Giraffe, they are difficult to get close to because of the terrain which they are normally found in. Having exceptionally good hearing and keen eyesight, these tall beasts are definitely a challenge for the hunter. Hunting Giraffe can be done with the traditional walk and stalk method while following his distinctive spoor. Because the Giraffe has such a thick skin, hunting him will require the same caliber and bullets as the Elephant. The Giraffes heart lies far forward in the center of his chest, therefore shot placement should be done carefully. Just like his heart, his lungs are also positioned in the same way. The Giraffe has a very small brain which is positioned just below his horns. Stalking and hunting Giraffe is an exciting adventure. This Camel like beast will definitely make an unusual trophy for the hunter.