Hunting Roan in Namibia

hunting roan namibia

The Roan is a fairly large antelope and hunting Roan can be done on many game ranches throughout Africa.

The Roan is a fairly large antelope and hunting Roan can be done on many game ranches throughout Africa. When the sun light hits him just right he displays a strawberry tint color and hence the name Roan. The Roan reminds you somewhat of the Oryx due to the black and white pattern on his face. This large antelope is only surpassed in size by the Eland, and unlike the Eland, this animal is much more graceful. Both sexes possess horns, but the horns of the males are longer and thicker.

The Roan likes to move around in small herds of up to 12 individuals. However when hunting Roan it is not uncommon to come across larger herds. Herd of Roan are very stable and associations can often last for years. When bulls want to join the herd the dominant bull will defend their cows. These challengers are met with the clashing of horns as well as pushing and shoving.

Sometimes these clashes may appear very serious, however serious injuries rarely happen and the brawl ends when one of the bulls surrender. Still these animals are very dangerous, and a hunter should be weary not to get too close to the backward sweep of a Roans mighty horns. 

The Roan prefer to graze in wide open grassy areas where they are in the habit of scattering while feeding. They will however readily revert back to browsing when grass becomes scarce. The Roan is very dependent on water and can often be found near a watering hole. When hunting Roan bring a large caliber rifle because the Roan is a heavy, tough and aggressive antelope which makes him very dangerous. His spoor will found near water holes and you can catch him early in the morning when he feeds in the open.

Roan bulls are very proud and therefore they are very easy to approach. When hunting Roan be very cautious, he is bold enough to take you on in a charge. The legal minimum caliber needed would be a .270 but a .338 caliber would be much better for hunting the Roan. Approach him from the side and aim one third into the body before shooting.