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Hunting Sable in Namibia


The majestic Sable antelope is one of the most popular trophies that can be taken on a hunting safari in Namibia.

If you are one of those hunters who are tired of hunting the odd impala or warthog, then hunting Sable is just for you. As with most prestige trophies, the Sable is one that you would like to add at the end of your hunting trip. Hunting Sable in Namibia is very expensive but this animal is definitely worth adding to your ever growing trophy collection

The Sable antelope is another of the Hippotragus (horse) tribe antelope. The Sable really stands out in his home on the plains, especially during winter when the veld takes on its beige mantle. The name ‘sable’ is indicative of this beast’s color. Only the bulls display the shiny black coat, while the female of the species and young display a dark reddish brown. Belly and facial markings are of pure white in vivid contrast to the rest of his body. A bit smaller and more slender than his brother the roan, he is nonetheless one of the most majestic of the antelope species.

Both sexes carry horns. The horns of the Sable bull are exceptional and the longest of any African antelope, excepting the kudu. Dependant on water, they prefer open and sparse woodland area in close proximity to the grasslands. Normally living in herds of up to 30, larger herds are not uncommon. Like the roan, Sable bulls can be very territorial and the challenging interloper is in for a serious encounter if he does not retreat. Combat is usually done kneeling with rapid sweeps of their sharp and powerful horns, which can sometimes result in the death of one of the combatants. Hunters, too, must give this guy a wide berth, as the sable can be very aggressive and will not hesitate to charge if wounded, cornered, or simply feels threatened.

Hunting Sable is best during the early morning hours and late afternoon when he grazes in or near the open grasslands. A daily drinker, ambush the approaches to water. When hunting sable in the herd, look for the bull to be somewhere on the edges.

The Sable bull is a proud animal and appears to remain aloof. This rather cocky attitude makes him very easy to approach. Use this trait against him, but remember his aggressive nature and stay alert in case of a charge.

Hunting Sable is unlike hunting any other antelope you have hunted before. This animal is so majestic that you will be wondering how you have lived without one of these trophies for so long. Full grown Sable bulls are completely black in color and roam around as if they own the place. What makes a Sable trophy truly special however is there long curved horns

When going on a Sable hunting trip you should take utmost care. Just like the males the Sable cows also possess horns. A simple careless mistake can result in you harvesting the incorrect animal. That being said, the Sable is a very large antelope and will make a fantastic contribution to your trophy collection.

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