Hunting Waterbuck in Namibia


The stately Waterbuck can often be found near a regular source of water.

The Waterbuck is a large antelope which can be found near sources of water such as watering holes. Being mostly grazers by nature, they travel around in small herds of up to 12. They look very similar to the donkey, however only the males carry horns. Both male and female have a large white ring on their rump.

 Predators tend to stay away from this antelope due to its stringy and awe full smelling meat. The Waterbucks sweat glands are located everywhere on its body, which serves to waterproof its coat but in turn taints its flesh. They are territorial in nature and scare away intruders by swinging their necks from side to side. Intruders that aren’t scared away may be subjected to fierce combat which almost always results in the death of either participants.

When hunting Waterbuck, you will need a good set of binoculars because they can often be spotted from afar on flood plains and open grasslands. These antelope have excellent hearing and smell, but they are still very easy to approach. Being a large antelope, the males can easily way up to 600 pounds.

Hunting Waterbuck requires the hunter to have a big rifle at hand. The 0.30 calibers would be best choice when hunting this antelope. If you come across the Waterbuck facing you broadsided, aim for the high heart/lung shot and your trophy won’t go far.

The best way to show of your Waterbuck trophy is with a shoulder mount. For this you need to avoid shooting in the neck, as it may ruin your trophy. While hunting Waterbuck, if you get the chance face him from the front, aim for the middle of his chest below his neck. Hunting Waterbuck is a true adventure. And retrieving your trophy can often be just as challenging as the stalk itself.