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Trophy Hunting

In order to have a safe and successful trophy hunting adventure in Africa you will need the expertise and knowledge of a professional hunting outfitter. We employ some of the best hunting outfitters and trackers in Africa that will guide you on your hunting safari so that you can bag the perfect trophy.

We have years of experience in all forms of trophy hunting. Whether you prefer to hunt with a rifle or a bow, we have a firm understanding of the different habits of each specie.

Our policy is that if you don’t kill and harvest the African game you booked, then you don’t pay for it. Our trophy hunting fees include field dressing as well as transportation of game to a nearby Taxidermist. The trophy fees exclude daily hunting rates.

Hunting dangerous game requires a valid permit and must be applied for well in advance.  Please check with us whether permits are available for the specific animal/s you want to hunt.

Dangerous Game Trophy Hunting

The Big Five quickly became known as the most dangerous animals to hunt on foot.

Planes Game Trophy Hunting

Plains game hunting is so popular that it brings more hunters to Africa than the Big Five combined.

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