South Africa

A warm welcome to our extended Ekuja family and first-time visitors to the site.

The year was kind to us, we had a fantastic season,and there is something special we wanted to share.
But a little about us. Ekuja Hunting Safaris, founded by Drikus Swanepoel, is widely respected as one
of Africa’s premier hunting safari outfitters, offering exceptional trophy hunting, and unique African
hospitality. Based in Namibia yet offering Botswana and South Africa with luxurious accommodation
varying from lodges to luxury tented camps. Botswana and South Africa offers a variety of species not
found in Namibia where we are based and we are proud to say that we have the exclusive rights to
some of the best hunting areas in these countries that enable a range of options for you.
This year it started in the Limpopo, South Africa, where we hosted several old clients who shot some
exceptional trophies. Hunting leopard in both Botswana and Namibia allows a choice. Botswana
offers the opportunity to hunt with the extraordinarily skilled bushmen trackers along with hounds. It
is a unique experience and a tremendously exciting hunt and between both these countries, we are
pleased to report that we had another 100% record on the leopard.
Our average elephant hunted this season was exceptional. We were fortunate enough to take a bull
that would be the heaviest or second heaviest bull hunted across the continent this past year. It’s a
huge achievement for any professional hunting operation who along with our client, are extremely
pleased to have been able to deliver such a bull.
The highlight for Anke and I, was being blessed with the birth of our son, Bruwer. It really is a gift and
wonder of nature and so, we thank our heavenly father for keeping his hand over us throughout this
We look forward to yet another exciting hunting season in 2024.
Until then, stay safe and live well.

Drikus Swanepoel